Tuesday, October 5, 2010

UI Faux Pas

1)   Grayed out menu items.  What are you trying to do?  Make me feel inferior, jealous, or frustrated?  When I see a grayed out menu I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t have permission to that feature, I didn’t buy that feature or did something stupid and disabled that feature.  If I can’t use the feature don’t show it to me!

2)   Scroll bars within scroll bars.

Did some designers forget that Browsers automatically show a Scroll bar when the content does not fit vertically?  Yes I know the second scroll bar is because that content is within an IFRAME but size the IFRAME so that it does not show a scroll bar.

3)   Navigation I can’t see unless I scroll

If I have to scroll down to see important Navigation then is it really that important?  Why is it on the left hand side anyway?

4)   Non-intuitive drag and drop

OK, really folks, the only people that really use Drag and Drop are power users and even then most of them restrict themselves to dragging files around the Desktop.  Most users figure out something can be dragged by accident, usually with unintended and irritating consequences, or they attend a training class.

5)   No Tooltips.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love icons but help me learn those that are not 100% obvious.  Put a Tooltip on them!

6)   Wasted screen real-estate

I watched a vendor demo of a web based application last week where the top 25% of the screen was consumed by their Logo, Company Name and Marketing message.  If I’m a user I already know who you are, decided to buy, and now just want to get my work done.  I don’t need a constant in my face reminder of whose application it is.

7)   Incomprehensible Terminology.

What is Caret Browsing?  Can anyone tell me?  On the other hand don't, it can't be that interesting.

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