Saturday, January 29, 2011

My ranking of the top 10 things that motivate Developers.

OK, here's the long overdue followup to my previous posting. These are the things I think motivate Developers to produce their best work and highest productivity.
  1. Challenging work using the latest technologies.
  2. Management they can relate to technically, that has been there and done that.
  3. Fast PC, with multiple large screen monitors.
  4. A Laptop (and other cool gadgets) instead of a Desktop PC.
  5. Regular opportunities to attend Tech Conferences.
  6. Free soda.
  7. A private office (this may be a generational thing).
  8. Book allowance (or subscriptions to online references).
  9. Free certification tests.
  10. Above average salaries.
  11. The threat of being outsourced/off-shored.
This of course is by no means an exclusive list, and of course #11 is tongue in cheek.

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