Tuesday, January 24, 2012

'Living in a van down by the river'

I thought I pull out a few of the one (and two) liners that resonated most from my Ignite Cincinnati #4 Presentation, 20 Tips on Starting a Business.

  • "I think I fit the definition of a Serial Entrepreneur, which is someone whose started a whole bunch of businesses and not made enough money to retire yet".
  • "When you start a business be very clear why your doing it. Maybe you want to stick it to your boss who fired you".
  • "Don't hire kittens, they're non productive".
  • "Be very careful about hiring your friends if you want to keep them as your friends after your business fails!"
  • "Plenty of failed businesses hawking their stuff on eBay".
  • "When you're negotiating with your customers there is one key phrase you need to tell them. Show me the money!".
  • "At the end of the day you could find yourself, 'Living in a van down by the river'".
  • "Don't procrastinate, just do it".

You can watch the whole 5 minute presentation below.

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