Monday, February 27, 2012

Posting Your Camtasia .mp4's to IIS


I recently created a demo video of ProspectStream using Camtasia 7 and published it as an .mp4 file with associated Flash Player and HTML file that it creates for you.  I uploaded the collection of files to our IIS 7.5 Web Server and guess what, the video which played perfectly well locally did not play when I browsed to the web page.

The problem I discovered is that IIS 7.5 (and I suspect earlier versions of IIS too) does not know what to do with a request for an .mp4 file.

The solution is very straightforward.  Just follow these simple steps on your Web Server and your video will display.

1) Open IIS Admin, and select the website where the video is hosted.

2) Double click on the MIME Types icon in the IIS Section of the center pane.  You should find that .mp4 is not listed.  If it is you have different problem than mine.

3) Click Add... in the top right of the MIME Types window and add a new MIME type for .mp4 files.

That's it, IIS now knows what to do when a Browser or the Flash Player requests an .mp4 file.

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