Monday, May 2, 2016

Some Simple Statistics (My journey with Ulcerative Colitis)

Between April 2013 and September 2015 I endured the following events as a result of untreatable Ulcerative Colitis.  If you suffer from UC don't wait until it is out of control to take the difficult decision to proceed with a surgical remedy.
  • 145 Days in Hospital (longest continuous stretch was 30 days).
  • Number of days my darling Wife visited me in Hospital (144).
  • 6 Trips to the Operating Room.
    • Full Colectomy with End Ileostomy.
    • Relieve Intestinal obstruction.
    • J-Pouch Formation with Bypass Loop Ileostomy.
    • Repair mid-line wound opening.
    • Ileostomy take-down.
    • Hernia reduction.
  • PIC Line (3 times)
  • Abscess Drain (4 times)
  • NG Tube (5 times)
  • Blood Transfusion (3 times)
  • Days fed intravenously (43)
  • Colonoscopy (lost count: 10+)
  • Low point weight 105 lbs (vs my normal healthy weight of 165 lbs)
  • Jobs lost while Hospitalized (1: CTO at ScopiaRx)
Holidays and events I missed, or celebrated in Hospital (Son's High School graduation, Mother-in-laws funeral, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and my 50th birthday).

The end result was worth it though.  Cured of life threatening Ulcerative Colitis thanks to the outstanding nursing staff at Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati and Dr. Scott Kelley (Colo-rectal Surgeon, now at the Mayo Clinic), Dr. Kevin Grannan (General Surgeon) and Dr. James Cranley (GI Specialist).

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